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By Al Johnson on 06/09/16 | Content Management Systems

Just a few years ago, if you needed a website built and didn't have the skills to do it yourself, there was only one choice available - hire a designer to do it for you. Today, thanks to the influx of DIY online site builders, more and more people are creating their own websites for less, and learning new skills that will help them to take their business from strength to strength. Or are they? Is it really that simple? Do website builders really give you the tools you need to create a stunning and truly engaging website, to stand out from your competitors and encourage repeat business?

Here we'll compare our content management systems with DIY website builders to show how they stack up side by side, and which option is best for your business.

Curve CMS vs DIY Site Builders

Cheap, Easy And Quick

We know. It's crass to bring up prices so early in the article, but when you're considering a website, cost is going to feature near the top of your list. Cost and functionality. Think about what you want to get from your website. If it's only to be temporary, or a one-page site, then a DIY site builder may be the best solution. Cheap, easy to use and containing basic features, most site builders are up for this job and will help you to get your site created and published quickly and easily.

All The Bells And Whistles

On the other hand, if you are looking to promote your business with a number of pages, a product catalogue, testimonials, a blog and other online assets, a site builder may not be the best option in the long run. Site builders are fairly limited in their functionality, and you could be throwing good money after bad trying to create a website that does everything you need it to.

Design Limitations

Site builders often offer you a number of pre-built template that you can then populate with your logo and content. In our experience, these templates usually limit you to where you can place your branding and content. Do you really want to compromise on design when your website needs to stand out from the crowd and wow your potential customers? Remember, you only get one chance to make that first impression so you need to make it count.

Great Design And Total Control

Another option is to use a CMS designed by our experts. The CurveTM CMS is a powerful and flexible content management system designed by developers with over 20 years experience in the industry. The Curve CMS can offer a wide range of options that you can control including:

  • News Manager - create and publish news articles instantly
  • E-commerce - upload your new products quickly and easily
  • Events Manager - tell your visitors about events in your calendar
  • Email Marketing - we can add components that allow you to send out branded newsletters and offers and to track responses
  • Image Gallery Manager - create stunning galleries on the fly anywhere on your website

View all the features the CurveTM CMS has to offer.

Lost In The System

Another downside to many online site builder companies is their customer service is often lacking. Do you really want to be holding for hours when your website is down, and you're losing business? Do you really want to be told it's not possible when you need to add new components?

Bespoke Web Design Service

You really only get one shot at capturing the attention of your target audience. Our web partners at Phuse Media have the expertise to ensure this happens time and time again for you. They offer a personal one-to-one service is something you just don't get when you use a sitebuilder. Phuse will work closely with you to identify the areas of your website that are going to turn visitors into customers, as well as technologies that you may not have explored or thought of before. Then develop a content managed website tailored exactly to your business needs.

Here When You Need Us

By choosing the CurveTM CMS system you'll not only get a great website, but also total control and expert advice and help from our team whenever you need it. When your website is one of your most valuable business assets, it makes sense to invest in the best possible team and system. Not only will you save time and money in the long run, but you'll have a website that is adaptable, manageable and which draws in business for many years to come.

Before you sign up with that DIY site builder, why not get in touch to see what we can do for you instead? We think you'll be very impressed.

Speak to us today to find out more about website design and taking control of your content with th CurveTM CMS. Our partners at Phuse Media offer a wide range of web design and content management system services and would be happy to help you with any requirements you have.

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