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By Al Johnson on 19/09/16 | CMS for business

When choosing a CMS (Content Management System) for a business website, the go-to for many people is immediately WordPress. Which is understandable - it's familiar, and on the surface, reasonably user friendly. However, despite the positive factors that WordPress boasts, it is not a particularly good choice for a business site. The main problem with using WordPress as a "one size fits all" solution is that it is really only a blogging platform, and in real terms not really a true CMS. And whilst it may be a useful tool for writing blog posts, that probably won't be the key purpose of a business website.

What's the best CMS for my business?

One of the main problems with WordPress is how much it relies on plugins; and this is compounded by the vast variation in the quality of those available, and also the huge amount of outdated, unresponsive plugins available. The more plugins used on the site, the more bloated (and therefore slower) it becomes. Compounded by it's lack of a built-in caching facility, WordPress seems less and less viable for professional use.

So if not WordPress, or other similar opensource tools such as Joomla or Drupal, what is the ideal solution for efficient content management on a business site? Increasingly, the answer seem to come in the shape of the CurveTM CMS - a highly flexible website management and online marketing tool that is completely user friendly. All of Curve's functions can be managed via secure online administration, by simply logging in from any location.

Possibly one of Curve's most attractive features is just how easy and straightforward it is to master even the most advanced functions on the system. Within a couple of hours, one can use Curve with confidence and competence, and just in case, training is available, either on-site or remotely.

Within the interface, whole sections can be moved, deleted, or added to, using the innovative content block system. All kinds of content including text, images, media, or links can be easily added, positioned, and edited. Curve can also be given extra functionality as a powerful online marketing tool using a range of extensions. E-commerce is made simple and secure, whilst control of news management and email marketing becomes easy and efficient, with tools to keep track of how campaigns are performing.

Coupling this sleek, user friendly functionality with future-facing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at the forefront of the design, Curve emerges as a veritable powerhouse of content management.

Contact us today to find out more about website design and taking control of your content with th CurveTM CMS.

If you need a bespoke development then our web partners at Phuse Media offer a wide range of web design and content management system services and would be happy to help you with any requirements you have.

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